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The Art of Ashley Bryner



Welcome to my digital realm!

About Me

I have been drawing and failing and drawing again since I was old enough to hold a crayon. I was born in Delaware in the USA and eventually moved to Baltimore, MD to finish my Bachelors of Science in Theater. Funnily enough, in my entire college career I’d only taken one drawing class. I create art in so many mediums that it’s hard for me to really choose one to run with, so I just run with them all. I work in traditional media: acrylic, watercolor, pencil, ink, …even paper cutting and paper flowers. I also work in digital media: digital paintings, photomanipulations, photography, (I’m a professional photographer also) and am tempted to dip my toe into webcomics. A lot of my art is devotional; as a Pagan they are created as sacred acts from start to finish. Others are expressions of my love for literature, music, animation, and anything I find myself especially entranced by. You’ll find k-pop right alongside Tolkien inspired work and mythology, and that’s just the start. The world is a huge, vastly colorful place made up of different flavors and stories and rich histories, and wherever I am inspired by these things, a little piece of that goes into the artwork I create.

I am also a disabled artist: I’ve had a serious autoimmune disease since birth that renders me susceptible to many illnesses that have left me with lasting and serious damage. Lyme’s disease left me paralyzed on half of my face, and that’s merely scratching the surface. Despite this, or perhaps because of it, my imagination runs absolutely wild and I have resolved to put as many of my imaginings out there as possible through my various artforms, in the hopes that somewhere out there people might find it and see and understand.

And as always, I seek to improve. I’ll never be the best, but I have a great support system and fellow artists that I love, and I will always try and fail and keep trying to be the best I can be.


Projects and Features

Over the years, I have been honored to have done work for authors, friends, various publications. Here are a few:

Book covers:




In October 2018, my friend John Beckett wrote a blog post about a watercolor commission I did for him over the summer. You can read his post about it here: